Personal Bible Study

If you are into serious Bible study, the following are some of the best Bible study software tools available on the web that you might be interested in.  If you aren't doing serious Bible study, now is a great time to start.  Perhaps start by listening to a sermon in our sermon archive and then do a personal study on that passage.  One of the great benefits of using software is the ability to instantly see Scripture referenced by a commentary or in Bible notes without having to pull out and flip through a Bible.

YouVersion (Web/iOS/Android)

YouVersion provides a great deal of functionality for free. Keep track of a Bible reading plan that syncs across all your devices. Notes and highlights sync as well. Got behind on a Bible reading plan? YouVersion has a helpful "catch-up" feature that gets you back on track.

OliveTree BibleReader (Mac/Windows/iOS/Android/Blackberry)

BibleReader offers a limited free app with the ability to add a multitude of paid resources. Highly recommended.

E-Sword (Windows Only)

This free solution has been around for some time and includes access to several free Bibles and resources, as well as a handful of paid resources.  A great and free place to start.

MacSword (Mac Only)

MacSword is built on the Sword Project platform and is a free solution very similar to E-Sword on the PC.  Download the base software engine and then begin to add all of the modules (Bibles, commentaries, etc.) that you desire.

Logos 4 (Mac/Windows/iOS/Android)

Here is the tool for the more serious Bible student.  Logos is not free, but provides access to most resources that you might otherwise purchase in print form.  Logos offers several different base packages to get started with.  Pastor Schulz uses a version of the Scholar's Library, and Pastor McGrath uses version of the Original Languages library.  We say "version" because with Logos, you can continually customize your library by purchasing and downloading books that fit your personal goals.  Logos gives you much more than books, however, as you have the ability to do contextual and Bible word studies in a fraction of the time that it would normally take. (Web-Based)

Based on the Logos resource library, this is a fantastic tool that provides access to a great deal of free resources, simply by registering a free account.  If you are already a Logos Bible Software user, then you can access most of your resources by logging in with your Logos credentials.

How to Memorize Scripture

"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God." This ebook details a plan for memorization of Scripture.